Pay with Cryptocurrency

Paying with Crypto

Nobody who has spent a little while in the freedom space which the TSP community represents is likely to be unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. If you are, you can get started here but don’t worry too much if this section makes no sense and keep listening. Jack will help get you up to speed in no time, and there’s no pressure or incentive to use crypto here, so take your time. TSPgear does work with and accept crypto of several varieties.

Crypto Enabled Shopping Cart

For the crypto-enthusiasts out there, you have options. We already have direct cart integration through CoinPayments for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ether, Monero, and Zcash. These are point-click-buy ready like any other transaction in the shopping cart. Of course, that list is limited by what the platform supports, and some limitations inherent to the platform itself but we are flexible, and will add more as the option becomes available.

Other Options

With the ecosystem of coins available changing every day, who’s got time to wait for platform adoption and name recognition? Jack has discussed and promoted a number of different currencies over the years which are still under the radar for widespread recognition and platform adoption. So whether it’s $Arrr, Ark, Doge (please don’t), or something even more obscure if you want to be able to say “I bought this with $Arrr” after the exchange either a manual order can be placed or a gift card balance can be created for you which will allow for a regular shopping cart experience and easy ordering for you. Just let us know what you intend and we’ll check if that particular option works for us.